Four Erotica Stories on Kindle Vella


Hi All! I’ve been working on four stories on Kindle Vella, and they have about 10-15 episodes each! I’d love to hear what you think. Episodes are updated once or twice weekly. 

India Moss is on a mission, and she is skilled at avoiding distractions, even when they come in the form of two unbelievably hot men. She has goals, and there’s no way she’ll be sidetracked by her sexy boss or the hot-as-eff bodyguard that her brother hired for her (without her permission). And there’s definitely no way she’s going to fall for them both. Is there?
New Episodes on Sundays and Thursdays
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Laila needs a job, any job will do, but preferably one that gets her out of working for her family’s crab shack. So when she hears about a crew opportunity on a chartered yacht in the Chesapeake Bay, she jumps on the chance, despite the fact that this yacht offers its clients a different kind of fantasy lifestyle.
New Episodes weekly on Sundays!

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It's an opportunity of a lifetime, and it'll save my brother's life. But I have to give myself to an alien, something I never thought I would do. The Aunga'ri claim they're on earth to protect the human race, but we all know differently. They've taken over our leadership, our military, and more. And now their advanced medical science can save my brother's life. If I work for them. If I train them in the one thing that they do not understand: Human Sexuality.
New Episodes on Thursdays

An unprecedented storm. An uncertain future. And some really hot sex. When a winter storm like nothing the Pacific Northwest has ever seen traps a group of friends and strangers in a remote cabin, at first it seems like a fantastic time. They have a fire, they have food, and they are committed to keeping each other warm, in any way necessary. But as things get more serious, they'll have to find strength and trust between them to survive.
New Episodes on Sundays and Thursdays. 

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