All Kinds of Bad Ideas


He’s Too Young For You on Amazon

Have you ever been drawn to a guy who is fifteen years too young for you? Because Jack is that, and I can’t seem to reisst him. The sweetheart of a young firefighter has a wild side, and he should be off-limits. In so many ways.

He used to date my brother. Awkward, right?

He’s a total slut who has had sex with half the town.

He never commits, never comes back for more.

Instead of being a responsible 37-year-old woman, I keep finding myself in Jack’s company, doing warm and fuzzy things and I keep making all of the mistakes. I’ll just not mention any of it to my brother, or my mother, or any of my family. 

At least, not until it all blows up in my face.

Explicit Content: This is an erotic story with explicit sex scenes, including some sword-crossing MMF fun between the hero, heroine, and their lovers. 18+ AWWM

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