What I’m Working on Right Now: The Prince and the Ogre

Hi readers,

I just wanted to share a little of my next project, the first in a paranormal romance series that will feature mostly MMF stories, maybe something a little different, who knows. The first book is about a prince, an ogre, and the human woman who finds them both irritating and irresistible. Do you want to read more?



 “Nice view up here, isn’t it?” the thing said, casually cheerful.

“What do you even want?” Kira struggled, lashing out with an arm, but her strength was no match for whatever this was. 

“Oh dear, you wouldn’t want me to drop you?” The thing deliberately let Kira slip a little bit and her adrenaline spiked as she realized they were a good sixty feet in the air. She looked down from the sickening height they had gained. “Mmm that fear felt nice, maybe I should almost drop you again?” The thing giggled, sweeping low into the warehouse district and sliding into an old, rundown building with Kira in tow. She flung open a big metal door that led into a room, and cackled, but again, not like a witch. Like a third grade teacher who had just told a dad joke. How did that make it creepier?

Inside, there was a massive man, possibly unconscious, strapped to a wall. He was stripped down to a pair or tight brown leather pants, his feet and chest bare, and his muscles strained against the cuffs that held his arms aloft.

“Wakey wakey toy.”

The man growled and lifted his head, his eyes a sharp, slightly unsettling green color that reminded her of someone else, in some way she couldn’t place. The thing threw Kira against the wall opposite him, and she screamed as her body collided with hard, cold metal, pain lacing through her right side. The man yelled something in a guttural language that was completely unrecognizable, almost inhuman sounding. The thing laughed and walked over to him, running a finger down his muscled chest, making him hiss. 

“My new toy can’t understand Ogrish, maybe you’d better curse in English, big guy.” It cupped the man between the legs and his mouth formed a thin line, and quicker than a man so big should move, his stomach flexed and his legs were around the thing. It screamed and he shifted, slamming a bare foot into it’s chest. Then he looked directly at Kira.

“Get. Out.” He spoke in English now, his voice a deep baritone, threatening. 

“I can’t just...” Kira scrabbled to stand up. 

“Run,” he said. The thing stood up, reached behind it and held up Kira’s gun. 

“I have a new weapon, it’s sort of fun looking,” it said. “Maybe I’ll shoot you and see what the human does.” 

“Run!” he thundered, but Kira couldn’t, instead she threw herself at the thing, reaching for the gun, but she was too slow. The shots rang out with a thundering, ear-splitting noise in the small room, and Kira screamed as they impacted with his chest, trying to wrestle the gun from the thing’s hands. She was slammed against the wall again, and the door was slammed shut. She whimpered and pushed up with her arms, tears threatening at the backs of her eyes. 

“Well that was fucking stupid,” the man said, and she blinked. He wasn’t bleeding or even injured. He had a strange accent, maybe reflecting the language he had been speaking earlier, but spoke English clearly. 

“She shot you,” Kira whispered.

He strained at the chains, kicking up and pushing his feet at the walls with a shouted curse. The bolt that held him made a loud creaking, grinding noise but didn’t budge. 

“You’ll hurt yourself,” Kira said. 

He rolled his eyes and tried again. “Like that matters.” 

“Why are you not shot?” 

“My skin is impervious to human bullets. She did that to fuck with your head not mine. Though it did sting. Would’ve stung less if you had run. Like I told you to do. Instead of being a moron.”

“You’re not human?”

“Oh come on, you were kidnapped by a wraith and you’re getting caught up on the fact that I’m not human? Have humans gotten stupider?” 

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