New Series: The Wild Lupine

Meet the residents of Silver Creek, Colorado - Mountain men and women, as well as a few city folk there for a visit make this series steamy and fun, and one that I’m really proud of. 

Let me know what you think of it! 


From Book 1: The fun loving, open-minded and sexy residents of Silver Creek, Colorado explore the boundaries of their sexuality in this sexy new series from Kristin Lance 
His best friend’s ex-girlfriend. The man he can’t forget, even though he doesn’t know his name. 

Retired MMA fighter Trent Clayton knows he can never have the woman he loves, but after a horrifying incident, he is determined to protect Kinsey Michaels with everything he has. Every effort he makes to keep her safe seems to anger her and push her further away from him, and he has no way to bring her back. Until they both meet a wild, wonderful man from Trent’s past and everything changes. 

To San Francisco native Cruz Navarro, Trent Clayton is a ghost from his past that he can’t shake, and can’t find anywhere — the man appears to have vanished into thin air. He couldn’t be more surprised when he finds Trent on a trip to the backwater mountain town of Silver Creek, Colorado. But it’s no shock that the chemistry between them still sets his soul on fire, even after five years. When their encounter sets into motion a series of events, he has some big decisions to make. Is his presence interfering with the intense connection that Trent and Kinsey have? 

And should he risk a stable life and job to be with the two people who could change everything for him? 

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