New Release: Never Trust a Weatherman


I love the idea of action sports athletes forming bonds and relationships with people in more conservative, respectable professions - there’s something so enticing about someone who is a daredevil and takes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to explore more of what life has to offer. This story centers around a car accident during a storm, which causes some characters from different walks of life to connect. Let me know what you think!

A big storm in Portland brings three unlikely people together after a car accident, and over time they form a bond that feels unbreakable. But can their unconventional love stand the test of time? 

A rational, focused computer programmer with a secret romantic side, Anika heads out into a storm because she’s craving chocolate, and she never trusted meteorologists anyway. Then a mishap encounter with two unlikely men, one who seems perfect for her on paper, and another who feels all-too perfect in other ways. 

A free-thinking, daring motocross racer who is at loose ends after doctors recommend his retirement, Drew Sutton isn’t quite sure what to do with himself until he meets the beautiful Anika, and reconnects with a childhood friend he thought he had lost. 

Busy ER doctors don’t have time for love, except when the two people you’re most drawn to show up right in your hospital. should Ben pursue the forbidden feelings he has always had for Drew, or the new longing he feels for the lovely Anika?

Explicit content: This is a 20,000+ word novella that contains a steamy MMF bisexual romantic threesome, a little bit of dirt biking, and a lot of swords crossing. Expect explicit language and sex scenes for adults only.

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