The fourth story in the Swords Will Cross series diverges a little bit from the theme of husbands and wives, because sometimes it’s fun to write something a little different! In this case our heroine is dating a man she really likes, but she can’t understand why he won’t commit - I’m sure you MMF lovers can guess why that might be! This was a really fun story to write - and I’m sure if you are fans of mine, you’ve guessed by now that I love a sexy Asian hero. My husband is Chinese-American and so I have a soft spot for anyone that looks like him. 

Mina is frustrated when Henry, her boyfriend of a few months refuses to commit, but when she decides it’s time to back off of the relationship, a new player steps in - his best friend Logan. What will happen when Mina discovers that the complex relationship between the two men may lead to something more, between all three of them?

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