New Release: Bisexual Husbands Box Set

I started on my journey writing erotica not really sure which topics or kinks I wanted to cover, but once I dove into the concept of polyamory, specifically MMF relationships, I found something I really enjoyed. It’s so hot and steamy, I love the concept of men who are open to this type of exploration.

My Stags & Vixens series started with the idea of doing a hotwife or wife sharing type of kink, but then I thought to myself - why not share the husbands, too? What came from that was a sexy seven story series that culminates in this box set, which I hope you’ll love. With ten stories in all, all with enough length to have a romantic plot as well as plenty of steamy sex. 

All 7 stories in the Stags & Vixens Collection
PLUS: 3 Bonus brand new stories!

Bi-curious and openly bisexual husbands get wild in this story collection featuring 10 MMF erotic romance stories set in the Colorado mountains.
These open-minded mountain girls know how to get wild with their two men, and how to encourage them to embrace their sexuality and make the most of their burgeoning relationships. Each story is around 10,000 words of sexy fun, and swords will cross!

Content Warning: These stories are hot explicit erotic stories and contain steamy sex scenes and explicit language suitable for adult audiences only!

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